After plastic surgery, can one feel the unnatural plastic inside of them?

  1. I was looking at plastic surgery before-and-after pictures and the question just popped into my head.

    Answer by Owen
    There is not plastic in plastic surgery. This comes from a Greek word plastikos meaning to mold or shape. That is why plastic surgery is called plastic surgery, because it is surgery that involves molding and shaping.

    Now, to answer your question, I believe the only procedures where something foreign can be felt would be any type of silicone implant. Whether that is breast implants, peck implants, buttocks implants or the occasional calf-implant. That being said, it should and most of the time does feel like the body part it is enhancing. So, a breast implant, due to the volume and shape of the implant will feel closely to a natural breast (silicone achieves this more often than saline). Similarly, because it is more dense, a peck implant would feel more like a lean muscle.

    With regards to body procedures, most of those require removing excess skin or fat-deposits, so nothing would be felt, since nothing is added. This is the same for facial procedures too…aside from a chin/cheek implant. These, due to their size and shape, will feel more like cartilage found in the area naturally.

    I hope this helps better your understanding? :)

  2. I really need plastic surgery before college and my mom says i can do it if we can arrange a financial plan. Here is the financial plan: for the next 48 months i will pay$ 172. I make $ 560 per month bit i also need to save for college for next fall. What should i do? Ill be working in the summer alot too.

    Answer by Megan
    Im sure that if it was something you really NEEDED that insurance would cover it. Think long and hard about it if its just for aesthetic reasons.

  3. I am 23 years old and want a chin implant I have the most severe chin I have seen around it is very odd looking besides that I am fine I think which I think it is from wearing a herpz appliance that my chin didnt grow,

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    but what would you think of me getting an implant, as a women or as a mans opinion? Have any of you ever had plastic surgery before?

    Answer by ingrid
    i think anyone who gets it is stupid.
    I know a guy who got a face-lift, and his head swelled to the size of a freakin watermelon.

  4. I think Cat Lady(Jocelyn), Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, and Joan Rivers are horrible.

    But recently, I heard people getting plastic surgery before their funeral! WTF!

    Answer by C2
    when you get a penile enlargement in your rectum.

  5. Im a freshman in college and I want to raise money to get a breast augmentation. Im pretty and Im not completely flat, but attractiveness is really important to being successful. I want it to make it as an investment to the future to help get jobs. how do I tell my parents this (my mom has gotten plastic surgery before for other things) I was thinking about raising half and ask for th rest for Christmas.

    Answer by Leigh-
    Honestly? Who wants to let their kid get bigger boobs so they look like porn stars?

    There are so many successful flat-chested women in this world.

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